A piece of me

I have raised my awareness and consciousness to the heights of the divine light. It is a powerful source of guidance. I learned from self-discovery about manifestations of intents through free will. I have also become more aware of our existence with the divine angelic light source of energy, that there are higher beings who manifest in various life forms that are beyond the realms of science and technology: that they have supernatural intelligence who is a great source of guidance. When we pray, we connect to these angelic light sources and manifest our emotions, not our intellect. It comes from the heart.

Everything is of love and kindness to each and every one. Letting the light shine through as the energies increase with the collective. We take it upon ourselves to follow the light which is pure. That constitutes the soul. A divine light. There we become the soul with divine love, divine intelligence, and divine will. Everyone has this but you must be in tune with it. This is the Angelic ascension. There is a whole new dynamics into the so-called technology of the soul from ancient knowledge and practice. It brings out the energies from our consciousness as we transcend into the depths of our innermost thoughts that manifest the validation of the higher self. This is guided manifestation.

This awareness tells you to veer away from the ego and negative elements from the collective consciousness. Connect with the higher self and free your spirit. Just don’t forget to remember who you truly are and follow the divine essence of your soul. Hold on to the light and these will become energies of light that will surround you which will strengthen the spirit and raise it up into the higher levels of your consciousness, as we are consciousness.

Life is not a game where there are winners or losers. It is a journey where we follow our dreams. When we dwell on the past, we relive the joys that we shared. Weighing on top priorities, we tend to sacrifice ourselves just to sustain the love and support for our families that need nurturing. We sometimes forget about our own needs. But we always crave for what we want. These are the choices that we make along the way. Life goes with the kind of flow that follows the path of our destiny. It is fate. We make it happen. We make choices. There are no right or wrong choices. It’s all deliberate. So, therefore, there are no faults or sins as everything just comes along based on the choices we make. When one relationship ends, it becomes a new beginning.

Scheduling of work and integration into energy works with the chakras is far better than having a reaction to things. Remember that in our consciousness, we become aware of all aspects of our creation. But never indulge in deep thoughts. Have freedom. Feel the essence of your creation. Let the awareness prevail over the experience. Experiment.

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