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Aug 27, 2021#1

The path taken in the Mystery Schools of old. The adept taking the steps of the transformation of ones soul to the higher states of consciousness evolution .
Seek..and you shall find.
Examine these stages in your path..see where you are..what your current level of experience of these stages so far in  your incarnation.

7 Stages of change,

Destruction of ego and attachments to material aspects,a humbling process from the trials of life-Introspection-Surrender of current hubris.
 Breaking down further artificial structures of the psyche. Unconscious process in which our conscious mind lets go of control and allows the surfacing of buried material
 Process of rediscovery of our essence and reclaiming of dream and visionary gold previously rejected by the masculine-rational parts of our mind.
Conscious process in which we review formally hidden material and decide what to discard and what to re-integrate into our refined personality
 Empowerment of our true self’s.The union of both sides–Masculine+Feminine of our personalities into a new intuitive state of consciousness. The Lesser Stone.Union over the self. 
Starts with inspiration,spiritual power from above that reanimates energizes and enlightens the Alchemist.Its arrival starts with a brilliant display of colors or visions called ‘The peacocks tail’. This can be achieved with–Intense prayer-desire for mystical union-transpersonal therapy-deep meditation-mushrooms/dmt. Arousing of energy–chi-kundalini.
Agitation and sublimation of psychic forces is necessary to ensure no impurities from the inflated ego are incorporated in the next and final stage.Purification of the unborn self-all we are and can be. 
First sensed as a new confidence that is beyond all things.Though it may be experienced as a second body of a golden light.A permeant vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations and evolution of the mind.The philosophers Stone. Light body-evolved consciousness.
Alchemy—Unawake to awakened>>>GOLD
11026031_796343523784650_6380190919772808487_n.jpg (30.81KiB)
Another of the aspects experienced are the elements that we interact with. Air-fire-water and earth combined in with spirit.So if you get these experiences in your life ..visions and dreams..these are the elements you are dealing with in your evolution. It is referred to here as…..
The Ordeals of the elements

AIR>>>We face the loss of what we love.Whatever gives us material or personal security.
**Tests our phycological mobility,attachments,capacity for withstanding great adversities, detachment from material things**
**Dream signs and visions>>Of falling,or on the edge of a cliff or in a high place**  

FIRE>>> We will be persecuted,wronged, criticised ,blocked, obstructed and betrayed,in order to arouse anger.
**tests our temperature, serenity and sweetness**
**Dream signs and visions>>Of flames>fire**

WATER>>>Our circumstances will change radically
**tests our fluidity, adaptability, altruism and philanthropy**
**Dream signs and visions>>Drowning,raging waves or seas and floods**

EARTH>>>We will be obstructed,have no way to proceed with our goals,be restrained or weighed down
**Tests our solidity, perseverance and our ability to deal with inconvenience**
**Dream signs and visions>>of being crushed between boulders or mountains, buried alive, climbing a mountain or running down a mountain**
wp3075232.png (729.15KiB)Some nice old Esoteric insights to our experience,purpose and evolution  of our being here in the earth plain. The trials of life.
I hope this has helped in understanding our path and the different aspects of the experience.



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