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10:02 PM – Mar 25#16

Hi Casey!  (waves back at Casey)  and  Boy oh boy!  James! (looking forward to the ‘charge’ on Monday! hehehe) 
So hello everyone…..this is an interesting journey for me. As I had been drawn back  into the larger consciousness and scaling down my progress as I dig deeper through my process, I did a marathon reading on Casey’s two main websites and found out more information relating to my state of awareness within my realm of reality. As I came into being with consciousness exploration, I realized that the root of my galactic being dates back to the time of my childhood which was fifty years ago. 

When I was nine or ten I had been playing with a prism and it became my portal to the science of the mind. I became open to other aspects of existence. I became so curious that I would read on about space age and space explorations as the Apollo 11 was being prepared to be launched.  This for me is an awakening into the world beyond space. And what contributed to this curiosity is man’s giant leap into the ET phenomenon.  But as technology wasn’t as grand as in those days, in fact, it has never been known yet and television and radio were the only means of mass communication, it inhibits the thirst for more knowledge and information. I grew through my teens with the perception that there are other life forms in the galaxy apart from human beings. And at a young age, I began to engage in experimental communications with ET and speak to them through the night where the skies are studded with stars. These planetary observations that I shared with my father developed my sixth sense. 

I did not know anything about chakras then but I was able to push myself beyond the limits of my imagination to use my mind and structure my thoughts, molding them into the twilight zone and navigating with the stars at night.  For me, I felt that there is a connection with the beings. I did not have a crystal at that time but I could see through the prism. I believed that I had a friend in outer space, a starlight family who listens to me. That connection though lasted in the shadows for many years. But as a child, I listened and the connection was so clear to me. 

At sixteen I encountered a Yogi in my university. He was my professor in Math and he taught Transcendental Meditation during lunch time. I attended his lessons and it was free to all who are keen. Here, I came to know and discover states of consciousness and learned about breathing techniques. It taught me the ability to transform myself into a spiritual being. This is where I have learned how to meditate and guide my thoughts on how to come to terms with the flow. There was chanting as well and all the aspects of healing.  I did this for the duration of the semester which is six months. This is my introduction to yoga, and transcendental meditation. 

Again as I grew older, these paths that lead me to enhance my awareness have been left undeveloped as it became just an expedition into some uncharted territory. But I was able to anchor myself deeper into it.  I had learned to speak to other people and nationalities who deal with this stuff. Hare Krishna was one of the radical changes that came into my sphere. 

At this stage in my life, I couldn’t pattern my awakening. I didn’t cognize them as they are just part of my reality. I had my peace and I had my so-called starlight family.starfamily.jpg (238KiB)

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