Energy works

Kapag nagmeditate kayo mag practise kayo ng breathing techniques, i.e. inhale to 5 exhale to 5. Pwede niyong umpisahan na nakaupo o nakahiga for 15 minutes hanggang sa maging peaceful ang takbo ng daloy ng energy sa katawan. Empty your mind and do grounding exercise by being aware of your surroundings. Focus on the data and expand your awareness. Bagtasin ang buong chakra sa katawan at ibalot ito sa golden light as you breath. Visualize a golden triangle of light or blue that emanates from the crown of your head that goes down to your foot. Close your eyes as you do the chanting of AUM…OMNI PADMI HUM…or say quietly A U M from the navel to the heart and to the head. Yung vibration sa loob ng katawan ang magbibigay ng energy flow. Gawin ito sa umaga at sa gabi bago matulog. Magiging claro ang mga visions. Ito ang path of awareness na tutulong sa manifestations ng intents. Mag focus kayo sa mga mahal niyo sa buhay at balutin ng golden light. In your mind visualize that person that you wish to connect with and do your intents. Bound it with golden light as you expand your awareness. Let is be all love and light as this cosmos of a universe is made out of love. Purify your intents as you manifest these in your mind. Conclude the exercise with a practise of prayer. Seal your intents with your heart.

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