How to control and manage energy using the third chakra

First, do not overthink. Focus on the data and manifest intent when you are in a relaxed state of mind. The mind is a powerful tool that can help regulate thoughts. It is fear that adds to the perplexity of the mind. Fear should be avoided. Welcome and explore your talents and control them. That is why meditation is vital. It relieves excessive thoughts that process unwanted data. Try to deal only with reality and states of being. If the third eye is active for long, connect to the visions and manifest intents. Acceptance of your craft can turn into a skill as energies revolve around the body. There are energies that gather momentum in the thoughts you bring. Filter out the negatives as these are borne out of fear and uncertainty. Follow what your heart says and let love fill your soul. Practice the energy flow daily until it becomes habitual.

Call into the Christ energy of power as you go through your path of understanding. Cultivate it into a practice to calibrate the wavelengths and frequencies in your brain. As these are energies, it can be honed to become fluid. The flow brings in peace and zero in to a higher state of consciousness. Being aware of your path in learning the practice brings more flow of energy which evolves. Grow the energy and make connections so it will pass through.

Be a vessel of energy and also a channel for these energies. Do not be confounded with energy. Be intuitive and use the mind to channel these energies. You will then have the natural talent to heal. Follow your spiritual guidance in this path.

Tap your heart, tap your forehead and give thanks to God and all the Archangels, then do your prayer of intent. Manifest your intent by spreading the love to your family, friends and to all of mankind. Go further and connect to the galaxies and bring that energy in, to heal all in this world. This will enhance your level of awarenesss and raise your being into higher level of consciousness. You will develop that peace that you so yearn for. Remember to practice this daily as energies form into being through your thoughts.

When manifesting intents, visualize the future scenario and put positive energy into it until it becomes a reality. Produce harmony and peace from your thoughts. Include that in your meditation everyday. For a clearer thought, dispel all fears and avoid distressing thoughts on uncertainties. Form happy scenarios in your thoughts as these becomes a manifestation of what you desire but free will is involved with this process.

Also, activate your tools like the rosary, crucifix, the cross, rings, pendant medals, amulets, crystals, stones or objects that has an energy. You alone can sense this. Power it up and ask your spiritual guidance to show you data. Do not go beyond. Data are information that we gather everyday. In the Larger Consciousness these are relative data which is real and felt. Transform these data and make a request from the higher source which is God.

Be grateful for your experiences in life as these are life events that happen. Stay in that moment of joy and hold on to that thought. It is not true that there is suffering in this life. You bring it through if you succumb to that thought. You make your life full of happiness and joy for you have the grace of life and it is a gift. Do not dwell on the pain of not achieving desires for these shall pass. Bank on the possibilities of what may happen. Live your life full of energy and awe. Life is bliss and full of joy. Hope for what tomorrow may bring. Establish peace and harmony in your life. Live within your means and stick to basics. Life pans out into a better realm.

Avoid the pitfalls of jealousy and envy. We have our own lives to live. As others are prey to jealousy and envy, they can never be happier in life. These are poisons in the gut. Be content with what you have and everything will fall into place.

Declutter your mind of any ill effects from too much negativity. This will help you in your spiritual awakening and would develop your third chakra. The chakras in the body are meridians that we can develop through the years and much more when enhanced deliberately or when it just manifests itself into being as you age. By being aware of it, you also develop a curve of enlightenment. As you become attuned to it, you become full in your awareness. This will enhance the chakras as energies build up.

Everything starts from the mind. Remember who you are in this life. Your true identity will surface as your being takes on a journey of awakening. Improve on the process and put actions into goodwill. You wish for it to happen as you create intents in your thoughts. This is a manifestation of will and intents.

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