Why am I strange?  Life should be simple enough. You get born and live and then you die. In between, you go through episodes of happiness, joy, love, hand in hand with pain and miseries as we struggle through our lives. Why do I have to exist with this weirdness and why must I experience outlandish events which can either define you or wreck you?

I had strange visions as a child. At nine, I already knew that I would be marrying a man named Robert and he is foreign. I knew I would be having voyages across the seven seas. I knew that I would be having four kids. I had been seeing beyond my years, life events that made my life really interesting. I knew that my marriage would end in divorce. I also knew that my children will be successful in their careers.

On top of that,  I had the secret starlight family that I connect with. I can predict trends and events as a young teenager.  I can have the pulse into events, within my immediate environment.  I learned how to read faces and dipped into palmistry. To this day, it baffles me. Perhaps I could attest it to my happy childhood when I was young and carefree. I was so free as a child. I can read books that are beyond my age and understand them. One of which is sci-fi. I like reading about UFOs , ET and space exploration. My mum was a librarian so she would order books for me from publications abroad, especially from the US. That magnified my taste for an adventure through books. My parents supported me throughout and encouraged me to read more, a trait that I shared with my father. 

Being an only child, my social spectrum was limited to my family and cousins. Friends are classmates but only few of them as most don’t share my humor or could not appreciate my interests. Only a few of them spoke and understood English. Everything in the 60s and 70s was futuristic. There was the Japan Exposition in the early 70s and Space exploration in the 60s. We followed NASA and had lessons about them in class. The man setting foot on the moon precluded shows like the Twilight Zone. My imagination flourished and gained momentum when these events were happening. 

My so-called futuristic journeys catapulted me into the fifth dimension wherein I would be floating for days as I lay on bed at night. Growing up in the far east, in the tropics,  I had the star-studded skies in my window.  The nights are warm and humid so I open my window at night which gave me a full view of the skies. I always had a view of the galaxy in my bedroom. Something that I don’t have here in Scotland. 
110164736_4067173603357026_3513371926168506936_o.jpg (527.72KiB)
Where I used to live, along the coast in Seamill, West Kilbride along the Firth of Clyde there had been sightings of the UFO and in the Isle of Arran across the shores of North Ayrshire, druids and seekers swarm to have a glimpse of the UFO. To this day people come and druids organized festivals that last from summer to wintertime.  I live in a mystical place full of spiritualists, seers, druids, alchemists, and most especially witches coven who are white witches, meaning they don’t hurt people but heal them. Basically, they are pagans who perform rituals during the harvest season. So far, it has been encouraging to live amongst them.

So life here is like living in the twilight zone.  I am sure it would be beneficial to all. After all, Scotland is a land of myth and legends.

I would be talking about my journeys to places in Edinburgh and England soon.


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