Source of power

I use “The Source” to refer to a place where all healing and creative ideas and energies ultimately come from. It is not a physical place but a place in consciousness, one where we can tap into the essence of the life force itself. This life force, also called source energy, flows through and connects all things.

We can call this source energy a spirit, God, a higher power, or the universe, but it is definitely an enlivening current we can feel in our bones. Some may experience it as a vibration, some as stillness, others as a presence. Still others may simply feel totally awake and connected. However you describe it, the source energy is the universal force found in all living beings. Filled with universal intelligence, it explains how plants know how to align themselves towards the sun. By the same token, it is there inside us and can help us make our decisions, especially when we listen to what our bodies are telling us.,through%20and%20connects%20all%20things.

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