God and consciousness: a healing path

We are of God. We are one with God. God is consciousness. We are consciousness. We are one in this consciousness. This is a path that some choose to take. The path of awareness: of higher beings and manifestations. It is fundamental. This path helps to connect. As all is fine by God, these experiences go on through you. It lifts you up. It elevates the soul to a higher grounding. This space is you and of God.

You can be with God anywhere. You don’t have to go anywhere but inside your own awareness. God is everywhere because it is perceived within consciousness. God is consciousness: awareness itself. He is everywhere. There is no reality outside of you.

Connecting to God: you can create one of your own or tap into one that has been created. Make an altar. Find your power. Use your imagination. That is how you open the doors to yourself. It is a never-ending adventure. Sit with the profound knowing and sense of being immortal. Let the Creator work through you. A void mind is a peaceful mind: one with the Creator.

As a lot of horrible events are happening right now, don’t let your guard off. It’s a little dark to place you in fear and off your guard. Do a blessing on yourself and your space. Clear away negative influence. Connect with the Angels and tune in to the angelic harmonic frequencies. You will be surrounded by high pitch sound. This is actually the brain firing in response but we think we hear it. Yes, it is the brain responding in frequencies and wavelengths.

Use the rosary like a pendulum. Call in the divine being and put out the protection energy. Let it spin. It’s very powerful when combined with a spoken intention of words, light, and movement. Energy is already in place as it spins. You need to tune in with your intentions as the pendulum spins to know its response. Left to right or right to left usually means no. When it spins around, it means yes.

The source of power is the source itself. We channel that energy and the consciousness we use is the source consciousness as we are a piece of this. This is why sometimes I get its presence when doing energy works, especially when healing. I get it from the Christ energy. My consciousness transcends from the Holy Spirit as I call upon Jesus. I also call for aid from the seven Archangels. It’s all a manifestation from the source. Connect with it with you in your own way. It can be very personal. Enjoy it, walk your path your way.

Close down the energy with your intent by grounding. Close down. We are in the dark times, the energy pushing it back is strong and getting stronger. Channel it down through you into the earth as this would help ground you with it. Lots of power and connection to Source/beings. Blue beings come to me.

There is so much to us, it’s an open book to what could happen next. Work on the level you are at now. What comes next will present itself to you as you walk the path. It can go anywhere. We play and continue to evolve into eternity just as the source is doing. We are part of a larger working.

When engaging with people/contacts, you decide when to interact with them, you are only responsible for your involvement with them. Make a set time when you would do a healing on them. Make a structure of practice. This will bring the energy under control. Always hand over to the divine for energy. Be the channel of it not the source of energy. You will never be depleted of energy as you get charged first then after you get a lot more. You are a spiritual channel. Make this adjustment in your mind and practice. You will be fine.


This is the gist of the conversation I had with James this week.

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