Can a person be an LGBTQ+ Christian?


“UNCHANGED” is an affirmative counter to the damage wrought in the name of God through ex-gay theologies and philosophies. We exist as LGBTQ+ Christians, embracing what we know to be God’s beautifully crafted identities and claiming them as our own. We are UNCHANGED.

Today, many LGBTQ+ Christians have to navigate years of spiritual and emotional abuse at the hands of religious figures and institutions. We want this cycle to end. If this is your experience, you are not alone.

Wedding photo of two men


who have explored the heights of our identities and expressions of love, and we’ve found the liberating love of God in our journeys. We have confronted the pain, rejection, and despair that often accompany our experiences.

On our website, you’ll read the vulnerable, authentic and sometimes raw accounts of the journeys we’ve shared as we’ve embraced our identities and stepped into God’s love.

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