Holy Saturday Reflection

Good Friday was spent renumerating my sins. I have been on google searching for answers. I sat on my bed thinking about my past wracking my brain over the good, the bad, and the ugly that went through my life. I was halfway through my testimonial but I couldn’t finish it. Maybe God is telling me that it’s between me and him from now on. That I must stop writing about it as it belongs in the past. Maybe he is telling me to look forward to a better tomorrow and enjoy what I have at the present for the storm has passed. I am now in safe harbor with my children being able to fulfill their destiny with their careers and partners.

I had been living in my own bubble with my deep dark secrets. I haven’t done my confession for a long time. It’s just me talking to God, telling him everything. I am a sinner and Good Friday reminds me that Christ has saved me from my sins. It is his unconditional love that provides mercy to everyone.

Understanding ancient knowledge has led me to my spiritual awakening for the second time. It has given me much hope. The mind is clear. The days of struggle are over. I am over the hill. Now I see a valley of green pasture.

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