Energy Field

Balance is very important. Not to forget that energy is created. It can also be restored and transformed.

The source of my ‘power’ is one of divine intervention. Praying in contemplation which is translated into meditation is a form of self-sacrifice with the idea of making a connection to God, to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus Christ. With good intentions, I had been practicing yoga, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Qigong, and kundalini. It opened up doors to the expansion of my sensitivities and enriched my psyche. 

The level of energy I am having right now is heightened by the Christ consciousness. It is a reflection of one’s faith. When it happens, a ray of light radiates from my peripheral vision. A cloud of blue light emanates and it covers my entire being. Central to my energy works is the transformation that I am going through. The energy inside me flows out. My third eye chakra pulses on and off sending visions in my head. 

As Easter Sunday is about the Resurrected Christ there is a strong energy source in the good news deeply kindling us to share this beauty to others.

With the unifying force of contemplation and meditation, in the spirit of oneness, my heart, mind, body and spirit work in unison to get in touch wineth my higher self that transcends into divine depths. My soul goes through a state of rapture with the Holy Spirit.
In this state, my 7 chakras become active and my breathing becomes deep and hallow. Activation of these meridian points opens up my connection to an energy field.
So all is good and the grace of the Holy Spirit and the dominion of Angels fills up the being.
Thanks to the guidance of Source as all the elements compliment the awareness.


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