Qi Gong, Tai Chi and energy field

Meditating, Relaxation Exercise, Tai Chi, Senior Adult, Classroom

Just keeping the energy at an even keel…just sailing with it…

I managed to put content in my blog at wordpress and wrote about this energy flow..

The significant development I am having is having the energy circulating through..tingling sensations from my finger tips…that spreads through my palms…

I can feel the heat building up when I put my hands close together….this is Qigong…the flow is subtle as it travels down my spine….I could feel the invisible energy…

I do Qigong or Tai Chi each day now and it is building up my stamina. The breathing technique has brought resistance to fatigue. 

The mind and the bodywork in unison. I do my Taekwondo patterns as well. I had ten years of training with the kids.  I was in RedBelt with Black stripes when I stopped due to dwindling interest. My youngest son was also stuck in RedBelt but the three older ones managed to get their BlackBelts.

Taekwondo has taught me about the physics of movement with the breathing technique that gives the power of momentum as you execute the movement pattern.

Same with Qigong or  Tai Chi. It’s gradual until you reach momentum. It is fluid.

What I do with my energy works and breathing technique is the same with Taekwondo.  

Being consistent with it is a factor. The power builds up. 

The only difference between then and now is that I have been using the energy along with the building up of my spiritual self. It has become bold and distinct. It also affects the mind.  It has enhanced the chakras.

While in this energy field I focus my mind on manifesting intents. I visualize my children one by one and channel positive intents using the mind whilst in the matrix of the energy field.

Practicing daily secures an in-depth approach to the adaptation of Qigong into one’s life. It is like a ceremony.

Connecting with the self expands the awareness. 

How does the energy field affect you?

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