Multi-dimensional realities

multidimensionalreality.jpg (26.98KiB)
My knowledge of multi-dimensional realities is still primitive. Confirmation is essential. Experiencing it and exploring it with all the energy built up.

I am having experiences beyond the concepts of reality at the moment. As I get to get deeper into my energy dimension, I find that it is opening up to another layer of dimension. 

As the energy within me grows bigger, I enter into another reality within that fold of a multi-dimensional reality. I mean all these concepts, all that I have ever learned about the nature of life, religion, physics, philosophy or politics or the universe is all shattered as they do not apply anymore.

I am obsessed with my discovery. References to the Bible have a spectacular expression of realities.  

For sure I am learning a skill, a new way of understanding about the self in relation to the vast aspects of the universe.

All these vibrations and loud noises, the high pitch noise is a precursor to an awakening to the multi-dimensional world.

But what kind of conditioning must initiate this plane of existence?  Why do we have to go through this? Why was it not taught in school?  Why must we be limited in theories of evolution? 

This energy field that I am going through is leading to something big that certainly changes my entire outlook.  This is happening so fast for me. It is like entering The Matrix.  I am beginning to recognize the change.

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