Diana Cooper – Angels & Ascension – 2012 – Atlantis – Unicorns

This is our once a year opportunity. The Wesak full moon commemorates the birth, enlightenment, renunciation and death of the Buddha. They are all said to have taken place on the same day and an extraordinary, sacred ceremony and celebration takes place annually in the Himalayas. When you raise your frequency and open your higher channels you can tune into it and access the Christ Buddha energy.

Those Masters who are the Custodians of God’s Plan on Earth gather in the Wesak Valley.

Directly in front of them stands the Christ, with the Manu, the being who carries the energies of the perfected human of the new Golden Age on his right and the Lord of Civilisation, on his left. Behind them are the Masters, initiates, adepts, disciples and many others who have arrived in their spiritual bodies. We will join them.

And then the Buddha arrives, bathed in light. The Christ and great Illumined Masters chant sacred mantras only intoned at this full moon. And when the Christ and the Buddha connect energetically a cosmic invocation is sent up to link humanity with Source.

Not only does this help the whole of humanity to rise up in that moment but all who participate receive a direct impulse of Source energy. This affects you whether you feel it or not and it can be life changing.

Book your place here: https://bit.ly/3kmW63S

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