Human energy field

This is the human energy field. It can be felt by placing each palm facing each other and it grows as you rotate your palms. Qigong or Chi brings it to life. This is done in your initial stage of meditation. Rub your palms together to ignite the ball of heat. There should be enough friction to generate the energy. As you do this align your chakras while sitting down. Place the ball of energy in your crown and let it fill your being. Practice every day to make it grow until it becomes an integral part of your being. This energy field can be channeled as it needs to grow and transform energies into positive vibes in the physical plane. Other dimensions would then evolve from it as it grows.

As you cradle the ball of energy in your palms raise it up to your crown then form a pyramid with your palms pointing upwards. Form the pyramid with your thumbs and index fingers. Raise them above your crown. Then gently move your hands to your heart while still holding the pyramid in your hands. Slide it down to your navel and your center chakra then close for balancing.

Repeat the sequence and maintain the energy field. Channel it as it grows. Do this for 15 minutes or as it suits. Play a binaural sound as you meditate to help you channel the energy. It should not be confounded otherwise you will be surging with too much energy.

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