Powers unleashed during meditation

Since your chakras become heightened, you would be experiencing changes in your being. As the third eye chakra opens up your intuition, you will become more creative as you sense that your telepathic abilities come to the fore. In your inner eye, you would be able to see visions with clarity and your dreams reflect that. This is enhanced by the frequencies in your brain as it gains a state of being in peace. There is a balance between forces in your brain that develops into an equilibrium. The stretch of the visualization is magnified as the meditation feeds frequencies in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This is the higher self that has been raised through meditation. It takes you into a vivid and visual dimension giving you the ability to see the aura and presence of people that you love. You may be experiencing a connection to a person in a distant place. This is your being having been elevated into a soul journey.

This should not bother you as you grow in awareness. Some people are born with the natural ability to make connections telepathically. This is only expressed thoroughly by the new practice of meditation. When you begin to experience vibrations in your body, that means that you are going through a positive change. The energy begins to grow with a tingling sensation. You will feel the fire at your fingertips and as you put your palms together you will sense a ball of heat between them. Rotating the palms into a circular motion will increase the power in that ball of energy. That is prana. Center that energy within you to heal. Spread the feelings of love and beams of light to yourself, family, friends, and the whole world, and bless Mother Earth.

You can not stop your third eye. It must stay IN, in the reality to function. When messages are being transmitted, the connection will become a communication tool. As you do this, open your being into the Presence (God) and have your guidance from the Source/The One (God The Creator). Then manifest your intents with guided meditation in your state of grace. Sometimes if you tend to be baffled by your inner journey, you can be overwhelmed but do not be alarmed as these visceral activities happen in stages. Your being/higher self prepares you for such eventuality. Your third eye will guide you. Invoke the Holy Spirit and the Archangels for clarity of intentions. The journey should be fine.

As your mind gains insight into the inner workings of the mind, all your chakras will open up to settle itself in attunement with your growth in your spiritual awareness. You must allow yourself to settle within the inner workings of your higher self. Be an open vessel to accept the connection from the Supreme Being that acts as guidance. You drive it through with your energies propelling you to embark on an inner journey of the soul. The third chakra is the eye that opens up to paths of light.

Heard of time traveling? Your being(soul) transports you into the past and makes you remember who you truly are. If you happen to transcend into the past, ask your guidance to give substance to the journey. That takes you into full awareness of the self and takes you back into the many past lives that you had as a simulation of events. Never forget that we are consciousness and that consciousness is in the likeness of God. We travel within that consciousness and state of being. The soul journeys through paths of simulations in the past, present and future. This takes us into the reincarnated self with our soulmates reacting to the simulation. The data is there which can be accessed. The past simulation pours in to the present and fulfills the oracle of an unfinished business in the past. That is why we assimilate ourselves with present and current events. This transformation is sometimes called the technology of the soul as we journey into our present lives.

When you reach a certain degree of physical state of being such as floating, use your grounding tools. These are your five senses of sight, touch, smell, hear and feel. Assimilate yourself to your surroundings and name five objects that you see, note the shape, the feel, and the smell of it. Then name four objects that you can touch, etc as you go along your five senses. This is a grounding technique. Then do the breathing technique. Lie in your bed or sit on a couch. Breathe up to the count of three and exhale to the count of six. Do this for 15 minutes. Then meditate to cleanse your aura. Sit in a lotus position and do the ball of energy with your palm. Let the energy go through your body. That should ground you and bring you back from orbit. Log your visions and write it down.

I will as of yet, ask my guidance on which topic to next discuss. Meanwhile, enjoy the spin! Cheers everyone!

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