Daily life

Female routine. Lifestyle activities temporal distribution, young woman’s daily schedule, life scenes around the big clock face. Young women sleep work training and shopping everyday vector cartoon concept.

Getting into the daily routine of waking up, doing house chores, and meditating is what makes up my days. We had been busy with the community as we participated in the local elections here in North Ayrshire on the 5th of May. The SNP got the majority of the local seats and won. People were unhappy about the turn of events with the Conservatives losing 500 seats in the local election. The Labour party won most seats and had been victorious.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is in suspense for their next President as it would be known on the 9th of May or the 10th of May. It is going to be interesting as Bongbong Marcos is running for the presidency. But Vice President Leni Robredo is showing signs of early victory although the recent polls show that BBM is on top. So whatever the result would be it would certainly change a lot of things in the Philippines.

As the world buckles up for recession and the rising cost of living, the war in Ukraine continues to rage on. They are not giving up on defending their independence from Russia. This would impact the world’s economy as Putin displays his might by engaging in war. Putin’s threat of a nuclear war is being met with sanctions from NATO.

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