What to do with your energy field

Just make the connection and do your meditation daily, once in the morning and once at night. The energy will flow and develop into a bigger energy field until it surrounds you. It happens every time. The heat emanating from your hands can be used for touch healing. Transfer the energy and the prana will spread. Just relax and feel the power coming through. Channel your energy. Visualize and use your perception. Start from the crown then slowly go down to the center. You should be attuned to your energy by now. It will not leave you. Stay within that consciousness and awareness. Stay with the PRESENCE and make a connection to the SOURCE (God). That will give you freedom and intuition.

The knowing that you have by now will steer your soul. The guidance would transcend in your consciousness. That is the Source/God/Supreme Being descending on you. Speak to that Presence and ask for messages. It will tell you. Remain in that consciousness and stay with it. That would be your guidance, your inner voice.

As our main topic here is about healing, learn these simple steps to understanding manifestations of intents. Align with your intuition to do good for the welfare of all, spreading that light, sending love beams, and making a path for peace, love, and understanding. It should liberate you from the boundaries of limitations as you set your spirit free.

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