Technical difficulty

Pretty much an intensive few days this week as I was having trouble with my laptop. After doing a system restore it is now saying that it is running on low resources. So I asked a few people for help but it seems that all of them are hard up as well but they would be raising up funds. I searched for government grants but there is none. They only give funds to students and those who are physically handicapped. I emailed the Mothers as a last recourse but haven’t received a reply yet. They usually have funding so I am hoping that they would be able to help me. I can not save as I live on limited income. It was suggested to go to crowdfunding but that may take long.

I know it is an act of faith that I bank on. There would be some generous people around who are able to afford to help. In my area which is a council estate, most people are up against the wall and life becomes more tough as the cost of living continues to soar. More hardships to come is the result of the present economic situation. But we still get support and that is good.

Affordabiity for a laptop is beyond my means. So I would have to make do with what I have at the moment. The condition of my laptop is very discouraging. It is difficult to type when Chrome stops responding and you get disconnected. My system is running low on resources.

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