Quick fix

It’s not quick but it is the quickest way of fixing technical problems. There was a total of 12 hours in doing factory reset and another 6 hours of system restore. Do not turn off your computer while doing it. After that it has to go to performance check on the hard drive defrag and consolidation of drives which can go on for several hours again. That would make it run faster. This laptop is 8 years old and has been very good to me through the years. It runs on Window 10 and has loads of space freed. But the keyboard is breaking apart. It is hard to type. I may have to send it to be replaced at a cost of £40 plus VAT. That’s it, I will have it refurbished. Hopefully it works.

This will give me the option of reselling my laptop at a later date. Prices on e-Bay may vary from £150 to £300 plus VAT and I still have my Pay-pal account for rapid transactions online. That would be done on my trusted seller’s account on e-Bay. With the data wipe out, it would be safe and good. That is feasible enough and I will have to raise funds for a brand new one. Nothing fancy just functional. That way I would be running on Windows 11 and faster data rate transfer.

Tip: Be vigilant when doing a factory reset as you will be asked for options in keeping your files like pictures and documents. You can also save these on a USB flash drive. Then it will be as good as new. If you are reselling your laptop or mobile phone, do a data wipe out first. Keep it safe and ready to use. With a trusted seller’s account on e-Bay, you can get the best deal in town. If you’re a starter make sure that you are authentic to earn the trusted badge and secure your data.

In Windows 10, click the Start menu and select the gear icon in the lower left to open up the Settings window. You can also select the Settings app from the app list. Under Settings, click Update & Security > Recovery, then select Get started under Reset this PC. It varies according to the device so do a google search to help you in the step by step guide. Read thoroughly before clicking when given an option to choose on the menu. But everything begins with the Start button on the left bottom corner of your screen. Then go to the gear button to go to Settings. Then choose systems. Read the info and they are simple enough to follow.

After the factory reset and system restore, download Chrome to make it your default browser. It is your choice but I prefer Chrome. Google search on how to install/uninstall Apps , Normally all of these are on the settings. Read carefully and follow instructions.

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