I Ching Divination Energy

The energy for the healing circle and beyond.

Hexagram 14—-PROSPERITY

FIRE over HEAVEN—–The clarity of Fire ascends like the sun above the strong Heaven, forming a state of Prosperity. This image denotes a time when all things under the sun flourish in great measure. It implies that you now posses great power and influence within the situation of your intentions.

At this time, you are capable of supreme success in the area of your intention. Through self-discipline and self-improvement, you have attained both inner strength and clarity of mind. These qualities align you with the creative power of the universe.
Such accord with the cosmos enables you to fulfill your potential and reach your objective.
Success, however, is dependent on your maintaining this harmony.
So long as you firmly adhere to your principles, while maintaining a clear goal or objective(intent), you will meet with great success. Do not allow success to go to your head. Exercise modesty, moderation, and benevolence.

This rhythm resonates inner strength and outer clarity. Resonating to this rhythm, the drummer engenders the qualities needed to prosper and grow, even beyond this most auspicious time.

Can you feel it this week?
Something is coming!!
Push out your Intent


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