Energy field this week

4:09 AM – 2 days ago#34

Once again insomnia sets in. There is just too much energy coming through during the night. I would lay down in bed at my normal hours usually by midnight only to have my eyes wide open. I took off my pictures from facebook so people would not be thinking about me as I could sense the pull of their curiosity. Sometimes I get this receptive awareness of such pull of energy that creates chaos in my subconscious so I take my photographs off in the hope that I can get the peace and quiet that I need during the night. 

The field of energy I am having is like a climate that has its own weather phase. It uncovers my defense from outward influences. I stay with my being and stay calm with it but I sense the intensity of the messages I get from people, that they are making a connection that disrupts my peace. I spend hours sending beams of light and energy on all aspects of communication by delivering intents and this takes my time at night lumbering up for connections. Sometimes it drains me and makes me feel depleted  of energy as i transmit massive amount of intents. This manifests into various degrees of a dispersal of energy. It takes me into the past and the data from the past becomes a virtual connection. There are also times when I feel riveted to the present time as I take a closer look into the current affairs of my beloved children. 

There is a presence that keeps me awake at night. So by day I am sleeping or trying to sleep as I find it hard to get a good sleep during the day. I know I need to do self-care for a good dose of self-preservation. Also, my dreams of having my parents with me has become more frequent. I do not know where to extract additional energy from this. I need to be able to comprehend scenarios in my dreams. 

I know that there is a chance of going away from my normal day to day living, functioning from a virtual reality. Colliding forces influence my state of being. I can only reiterate the fact that I am transported from the dream into another dimension that is surreal, somewhere between a dream state and non-dream state. The projection of it brings sound, touch and feel. Focusing on figures in my dream brings me a revival of some parts of my life. 

I Am! I am that I am…I am the soul with divine light, divine love, and divine intelligence.

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