From my GTC log on a Piece of Me

4:50 AM – 2 days ago#40

I came to a point in my life where I do not give much attention to my former passions. There is just a lack of interest in them. Its like leaving a previous life behind and facing a new future. The initiative to tackle the shifting paradigm is a huge move for me. It contributes to the fact that I have now  new friends, and my children has matured into young responsible adults having careers and finding love. Everything seems to be new like better perspective, 

My fear on uncertainties has diminished. Although I am still affected by the sad realities of our times. People dieing from wars, famine in Africa, world hunger, economic recession and political upheavals  are  constant reminders that we live in chaos. I get overwhelmed by it. 

I have withdrawn from all community based activities and social groups in my desire to achieve a way of gaining routes into my goal of self-healing through spirituality. Like my faith it came to me as an armour, a shield for protection. My span of perception into the divine has led me to discover more knowledge source that provides me with much needed information on aspects concerning life and existence. Its all part of the same story. All in one place, the planet. 

My world is now transitioning.  

I Am! I am that I am…I am the soul with divine light, divine love, and divine intelligence.

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