Keeping it up with the energy field

Check your awareness. Consciously or unconsciously you had better realized that we live in a multi-dimensional reality. This converges with the natural, physical and non-physical dimensions. As you must have well understood what is your being/self, engage deeper into your connection to your awareness to be able to evolve fully. Take heed of self-care and function well into it. Dig deeper into your consciousness to be with your higher self.

Engaging may mean finding your own portal into the light. You may find it in nature. Seek solace and meditate to strengthen your chakras to be able to open these up to the presence/God. Spread love and seek peace. Envelop Mother Earth with love and stay with this consciousness.

In your awakening to spirituality,be on the right track. It is a journey within yourself to manifest your intents. Be within the light as you enter the void of darkness. Be the light. Empty your thoughts and get in touch with your spiritual being with the divine love, divine power and divine intelligence. Overcome the ego and you shall be able to overcome your fears. Be within the dimension of a reality that bridges the mortal dimension and spiritual dimension. Invoke the Source/Creator/Holy Spirit that it may dwell in you.

Stay well in tuned to the frequencies of your human energy field. Spread that energy and transform it to have it to transcend and receive more power. Channel your energies and let the energy field grow with you. This is pranic so therefore follow your guidance with the aid of the ascended masters. Apply your intuition and support your intents with action. Focus on your Qigong and open up your chakras.

This is getting interesting as the cosmos in the universe enters into a new phase. The summer solstice brings in power as it is about the advent of sunlight entering into a new dimension of rebirth that heralds hope for everyone. The energy field intensifies at this level. Make connections and communicate with other beings in the galaxy. There is a portal that opens up to this heightened and enlightened dimension.

Inter-galactic communications has been enhanced over the years. There are now scientific and practical informations about these. It is no longer a mystery. Research works has proven these existence and they have been always in contact with us humans. Their frequencies has been received and made available on the internet. Just google for it. We are almost half a centruy into these.

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