Make a direct connection to God, not your fellow being

Having a spiritual practice means direct connection to God/Source/Presence. If you make a connection it is in the form of meditative prayers. That is the end goal of having an energy field. It is an individual journey.

People who plays along with small knowledge of this will only be met with frustrations and some may be obsessed with darkness of the soul.

Only a few will be be able to attain a complete and absolute understanding of awareness in consciousness.

You can only channel to your fellow being. As human beings are made of flesh and blood. they are subject to the physical world in the middle world. You can only share the practice and deliver guidance. It is up to you to render the energy flow. It is down to your efforts and inputs. No one and nothing can do this for you.

As for me, I can only be an instrument, a channel that passes on guidance. The full work is your responsibility.

To be in a spiritual growth is like going through the same process of undergoing physical growth. You go through stages and periodic development. This can be your own guided spiritual life. It is a life on its own.

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