You are your own spiritual being

You were born in this grace. But virtues and character play into this. You have to master your human nature in order to be able to live in that state of grace. Having a spiritual self does not mean you have supernatural powers. It is not relevant and doesn’t touch on spirituality. It is about having the soul running through the course of your life.

The light dispels the darkness in the void. Living in this light involves the free will. There is duality in man so you have to make choices in life. Nurture the light in you to embolden the soul to be with the divine dimension. As your darkness dissipates you will gain back your spiritual being, that of knowing and embracing the solid foundation of your being.

You have to cultivate the growth of your spiritual being. This involves discipline and discretion. Too much free will corrupts the good intentions and immersing your being in darkness kills the soul. The Dalai Lama offers ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. Read that for starters.

As you age, you go through major and minor influences in you life. It is a natural process to go through several awakenings in your life. These are wake up calls from your guidance and your being. We call upon the Source for providence and blessings. In the course of our lives, we seek answers to our existence which leads us back to the question of why we were born and why we encounter death. The span of time in between is our akashic record. It sums up our life, our emotions, our past, our present and the future.

Everything goes into a recall. The key factor is remembrance. Always remember who you truly are. We live through life and evolve. So by being simple or complicated doesn’t distinguish one from the other. It is always how you keep your spiritual self or being in check. It has to be nurtured with diligent care.

You have to continually expand your awareness. Enhance your consciousness as we are consciousness. We are aware in the awareness of things. It is better to have an empty thoughts as you could fill them up with intents through the guidance of your soul invoking the divine will, divine power, divine love and divine intelligence.

This is about you. It distinguishes your own spiritual being.

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