I Ching for today

5:12 PM – Today#109

Its been an interesting time for me lately. A lot of internal turmoil going on as i progress along my path. Very challenging i must say. Anyway, this reading ties into something i came across today about testing the universe to see if it will respond to you by asking it 2 questions 
(1) Do you know what i want?
(2)show me what i want?
And then follow the impulses you are given for it to show you.
This was the response of the I CHING in context to how im interreacting with this guidance from the universe and in context to those 2 questions.
This reading still applies to you all, i just added a personal aspect in to share with you just how accurate and on point the readings from the I CHING..aka The Universe can be.



MOUNTAIN over MOUNTAIN ——Mountain rests upon Mountain, forming a state of Introspection. This image represents stillness and meditation, the gateway to inner knowing. It indicates that you must now contemplate the object of your intentions in order to sense the correct pathway to your goal.

This is a time for introspection, for the answers to all your questions lie within you. It is necessary to still the mind and quiet the emotions so that your personal truth can emerge. Inner stillness quells the ego and reconnects you to the guidance of your own intuitive knowing. Intuition reveals appropriate action in the moment for a given set of circumstances.
So long as you follow your intuitive sense, your actions will be in accord with the true self and ultimately the cosmos. Such accord channels creative energy into your work and everyday life. Good fortune.

This rhythm resonates inner and outer stillness. Resonating to this rhythm, the drummer may attain a meditative state of such inner clarity and insight, that all actions become synchronous and spontaneously correct.

(1) If you pause before proceeding and contemplate your objective, the appropriate course of action will unfold intuitively as the most natural thing to do.
(2) You can avoid much regret if you take the time to still the incessant chatter of the mind. Inner stillness keeps you centered and deters impulsive actions.
(3) You cannot forcibly subdue restless emotions by an exertion of the will. Equanimity must develop naturally out of the tranquillity of a meditative state.
(4) Do not despair if you fail to quell your ego completely. Even a limited measure of ego-separation will help center you.
(5)Regrets over words spoken in haste can be avoided by exercising self-restraint.
(6) When one is in sync with the true self, one is in sync with the cosmos.



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