My life at this point

I am turning 60 this year and looking back, my life has taken a lot of turns. I went through two divorces and separation. I was not lucky in relationships. It left a big hole in my life. All through my life I was faced with challenges and difficulties like coming to terms with deaths in the family, tragedies, divorces and illness. So I cling to my faith and drew my strength from the grace of God.

Coming to the UK I was set with a mission to raise my children as British, not denying them of their birthright to live the British life. I sheltered them from the storm of problems brought about by my divorce. Through it all I mustered all my courage to find ways and means to provide them with their needs of food, shelter and clothing. Living in the UK provided us with the support that we needed. I managed to give them a home and dwell in it for the rest of their early lives and giving them a life that is is founded upon the faith and belief in God.

Opportunities abound and my children grew up having all these. They persevered and studied with excellence giving them a good foundation in life. I have instilled in them the values of making the family as the foundation of virtues, to love and take care of each other. They grew up as good children. All through their learning period they put their values into improving their selves and cultivating their principles in life that would set them above the rest. They never went astray. They made their life.

For now, all I am set for is for a life of prayer. In my heart of hearts, I have done the best I could do in the hour of deliverance when faced with challenging situations. I am grateful that the Lord showed us mercy and love. God is so good. He is a kind, gentle spirit with eternal love.

For now, my children are settled with their careers, experiencing life. I am truly grateful. The love of God is so powerful in my life. He raises us from the depths of our despair. I offer my life to the Lord. I know that he has a good plan for us.

Having gone through a series of education in the UK has given me the opportunity to discover a lot about other cultures, beliefs and traditions. There are concepts and influence that has shaped my mind further into the self and thus discovering ways and methods of integrating them into my life. It has changed my outlook in life. It has given me freedom of thought. Learning through it, I managed to go through personal challenges on love and the whole purpose of life. This has paved the way into the realms of consciousness awareness. It opened me up into appreciating life to the full. Not giving up on dreams but making manifestations of hopes and intents.

My personal journey into spirituality has given me extra wings so to speak to fly into the heights of angelic dimensions. It raised me up to the height of intellectual enlightenment. There is so much to explore with the eye of knowledge. In my search for enlightenment I became emboldened with hope and courage to forego life with more zest and offer more love. For everything comes from the heart. Love is ageless and boundless. Love fuels our life. Happiness from within brings that love into all its glory. I still believe that a person who is dear to us will find us like water coursing through a stream. Love finds its own. So I am hopeful.

I can say that through all the given scenarios of the tragedy that struck our lives, I made it a point to come up with a solution. For every challenges there was a solution. I never went into traumatic episodes as dealing with the situation no matter how challenging it is has given me the process of healing itself by finding proper approaches in dealing with the problem. All measures were exhausted and there was no other way but having absolute divorce. The process of chasing him up with a career that is sea-bound was long and tedious. The lawyers couldn’t find a way to make settlement arrangement so that took too long. I felt sorry for him in the end for he lost the children’s love and respect. The legal system was never at fault. He simply kept his distance and never agreed to the separation agreement. So in the end the court granted the absolute divorce nil nisi. It is on his favour as that cuts off any financial support from him. I know that he was bitter e over the divorce but there is nothing I can do but take on the full responsibility of having full custody over our children. He has let the kids down.

The lawyers advised me on what steps to take and that started our whole new life without him. On the onset, the difficulty we encountered was maintaining communication links with him at he is mostly at sea. It took a gap of six months in between legal works with him. So I made a resolve of giving the best for my children. As it has become more of a legal burden I was happy to see it end. Life goes on and I preferred that the children be spared of these legal burdens. That’s how I dealt with my divorce. No drama involved.

Property matters were of the top priority and we just remortgaged the property. That was simple. I just searched for a loan company and when I got approval the legal work took hold of it. I had the energy to go through with all the procedures. My mind was calm and I had to keep up with the demands of daily life.My greatest feat was that my children kept on getting awards of excellence in school. They have been joyful and had found peace in their hearts. I guess it is for the fact that they were too young to really be affected by the divorce as they don’t see their father that often. They were used to having him away most of the time. It cushioned the blow. We were happy just the way things are.

Anyway that was water under the bridge. Life goes on as normal. I have so much love to offer.

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