Bask in the energy surge

Complete your cycle and rise with the power of the energy field in your palms. There is a strong force in the universe with the coming of the moon into its full phase. There has been meditations done in this phase. As a form of practice enhance your meditation skills and make the connection with your higher self. The I Ching reading this week adds substance to your intuition and make it further into the depths of your consciousness.

The cosmos and the planetary alignment brings energy into the fore. Use these elements to bask in the energy field as it manifests strongly with the advent of this alignment. Calibrate your chakras and open up into the universe. This zone will perpetuate the position of your energy from the body into the soul. Your consciousness will be parallel to the universe. The cosmic alignment subscribes to the attunement of your power points in the body or chakras. The third eye will show you the path to your subconscious mind.

Do the Qigong positions as this technique opens up to the balancing of energy flow in the body. Rotation and posture will be the guiding force in achieving the balance of mind and body. Months of practice should make it a more relaxing endeavour. Push your intents as you go through the process of balance and use the force field to manifest these intents. Make it from the heart, one that is pure.

For advanced spiritual warfare, brace yourself with the shield of energy (Armour of God) and visualize this as you manifest your intents. If there are any lingering fears of a hex, be assured that the frequency in the energy field will deflect any negative impacts. The energy field is pure. So strike the balance of energy as it reaches up into the heavenly dominions. Let your spirit rise in to the heights of the ascended masters of Angelic grace. Be with God.

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