A self-help guide to spirituality

It is hard to explain spirituality to those who have a closed mind. You have to have an open mind. First, it is not a religion. It is a practice. You have to experience it. The degree of your spiritual mind to which you can see through your higher self is determined by your faith in God, the Creator and that faith is a unifying force in being at One where we have Oneness in our faith. Some people are purely spiritual with no belief as these beliefs have been flawed. It is true that religion has been flawed. All that we have learned has been flawed. So people begin to wander into spirituality. It is about unconditional love and it evolves as it manifests within ourselves.

Here’s a little secret, don’t tell anyone. It works like magic. See, if you are drawn into a spaced-out state of consciousness, fill it with positive intents (wishes), fill your heart with joy, and visualize that. Create a joyful scenario in your mind and focus(pray/meditate) on it until it eventually happens. It’s like inviting all the love and light from the cosmos and this develops into energy as you meditate on them. Do not think about the darkness of the evil soul as these are fear-based concepts from the pre-conditioned knowledge that we have learned. Only think about love and light.

A simple approach to spirituality is to develop your awareness and meditate. This will gradually enhance your spiritual development. The breathing technique cleanses the aura and opens up the chakras (7 prime body systems). It would be also more beneficial to add binaural sounds as this would stimulate the brain cells, hence promoting good health throughout the entire system. This sometimes produces pleasant dreams. And gradually so you would be entering the different layers of a multi-dimensional reality. This comes from the realization of the higher soul that it can go beyond the realms of spiritual dimensions.

Once you have achieved a higher understanding of what spirituality is, it would be much easier to decipher the different dimensions of the Angelic realms and Christ consciousness. This becomes the power within. It emboldens you to face up to life’s challenges. As your power within grows in awareness your energy will be keeled into purification.

The mental state of awareness reaches a functionality in the brain and it rejects evil thoughts as you dwell purely into the spiritual self. The being retains its purity and that is something to behold with meditation. The energy blends into that power within. Doing the energy practice develops the Chi (invisible power source) and that can be achieved by a simple Qi Gong exercise. The thing is, no one can give you this. You have to make it on your own. Everyone is endowed with it but it is the awareness that does the rest. The good news is, that once you have it, no one can take it away from you. All you have to do is cultivate it.

This is done in the stillness of the morning or in the stillness of the night. It could be done in the silence of your room. Stay in bed or sit on a couch. As the rays of the sun greet you welcome it with deep resolve.

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